Monhegan Island Chocolate

“Isle La Nef” was the name given to our island in 1605 by the explorer Samuel de Champlain. 

La Nef makes gourmet hand-crafted chocolate –bars, truffles, and confections.

Handmade with HEART
on Monhegan Island.

Monhegan Island has been a year-round fishing community since around 1784. It didn’t take long before Monhegan’s rugged beauty started attracting artists to paint its dramatic cliffs and coastline. Art and the Atlantic are woven into the fabric of this community. Conserving the beauty of the land and the bounty of the sea have always been integral to island culture.

La Nef Chocolate is the creative endeavor of Mandy and Dylan Metrano. Both are creators and appreciators of art in many forms. They are also committed to conservation and sustainability. They are committed to biodegradable and recyclable packaging, and sourcing high quality ingredients from local producers and distributors that deal in direct trade for fair treatment of farmers.

Our chocolate is sourced from Fair to Farmers, Direct Trade, Traceable Central American cacao grown in Mayan soil.

La Nef is committed to supporting the island community, its artists and local non-profits.

Our Products

A selection of our chocolate treats

Chocolate Bars

A selection of dark, milk, and white chocolate bars, with delicious inclusions and flavor combinations.  Each bar is packaged in a beautiful box featuring the artwork of a beloved artist.


An ever-changing variety of handmade truffles, such as Imperial Stout (made with Monhegan Brewing Company beer), Blueberry Lemon, Blood Orange, and more!

Sea Legs and Confections

Our signature treat. Irresistible Dark Chocolate-covered Candied Ginger. We also have chocolate-covered pretzels and dried fruit.

La Nef Chocolate can be found at the following places:

MAINE: L. Brackett & Son, The Barnacle, Black Duck EmporiumThe Monhegan Museum & Monhegan Brewing Co. on Monhegan Island; Pinecone + Chickadee in Portland; The Rock and Art Shop in Bangor; Archipelago and The Wine Seller in Rockland; Elements in Biddeford; Swallowfield in Northeast Harbor; Carroll Drug Store & Gifts in Southwest Harbor; Slack Tide Shop in Mount Desert Island; Wylers in Brunswick.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: White Heron Tea in Portsmouth.

MASSACHUSETTS: The Cave in Gloucester.

It’s also available via our mail order and appearances at special events (see below).

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